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Developing last-gen AI technologies to build products tailored to companies’ specific automation needs

Self Service

Customer support interactions using Deep Learning

How it works?

  • Customer problem identification and classification
  • Deliver the most relevant knowledge for a given problem
  • Increased resolution and deflect rate
  • Analytics and insights to understand your business's problems


  • High accuracy transformer-based language models
  • KPIs and metrics to keep you updated
  • Fully autonomous content management
  • Provided as SaaS or through an embed web widget

Need a custom solution?

Computer Vision

State-of-the-art solutions for computer vision tasks such as object localization, classification and segmentation


Get the best out of text with our powerful state-of-the-art NLP models for classification, text generation, document classification and much more

Decision Making

Maximize your profits and minimize your costs by applying last-gen reinforcement learning algorithms to your business

How do we work?

with us


Challenge us with your problem

PoC Development


We’ll develop a proof-of-concept to prove the viability of our solution



Validate that our solution solves your business problem

Solution Development


After validation, we’ll develop a complete solution

Solution Deployment


The finished solution can be deployed as a service or self-hosted by you

Advised by

Arlindo Oliveira

Arlindo Oliveira is a professor at IST, a researcher at IDSS/INESC-ID and president of INESC. He has a passion for machine learning and other ways to make computers smarter.

Bruno Martins

Bruno Martins is a professor at IST and a researcher at HLT/INESC-ID and LUMLIS. He works on problems related to  information retrieval, text mining, and geographical information sciences.

Luís Caldas de Oliveira

Luís Caldas de Oliveira is a professor at IST, a researcher at HTL/INESC-ID and Deputy Director of the IST Innovation Laboratory (iStartLab). He likes to fix things even if they are not broken.

Our Mission

In the last decade, AI research has brought several breakthroughs in the fields of computer vision, natural language processing and sequential decision making. These advances are hard to apply to businesses that don't have specialized knowledge and hardware. NeuralShift's mission is to empower companies with solutions tailored specifically for their needs.

With great power comes great responsibility! We are committed to the development of responsible AI. We believe that AI should model the world of tomorrow, always taking into consideration the impacts on mankind and on the society of today. Artificial Intelligence, a byproduct of the digital revolution, will empower the next quest to solve the hardest problems of mankind. There will be a huge shift towards the usage of AI, and in particular, the usage of Deep Neural Networks in every sector of our society and every aspect of our life. It bears in our arms the responsibility to make AI empower people, but we also take responsibility when bad things happen. By this, we swear a commitment towards the development of fair, safe, explainable, and ethical AI in all our research and products.

Miguel Freire

Co-Founder & CEO of NeuralShift, MSc in CS from IST Lisbon.
A jack of all trades who loves to break things.

Alexandre Borges

Co-Founder & CTO of NeuralShift, MSc in CS from IST Lisbon.
Definite optimist.